Travelling to School

As a school community we work with the local authority and parents to make sure that:

  • our pupils can travel to school safely
  • we try to reduce the number of car journeys to school
  • we are considerate for the residents in the local area
If you can, we would encourage you to walk, scoot or cycle to school. We have a bile shelter which is kept secure during the day and you are welcome to leave a bike or scooter locked in this area.

If you really have to drive to school we ask that you remember the following:

  • The car park does get very busy! We will always try to offer places including unused staff spaces but we will close the gate when the car park is full. Please do not wait outside the gate as this will block access to the roundabout.
  • Please keep your speed to 5mph in the car park.
  • Please do not park in the hatched area outside Year 5 and 6.
  • Please be considerate when parking outside our neighbours' properties.
We are encouraging children to "Park and Stride" where possible. The nearest public car park is opposite the Folk Hall on the High Street.
Park and Stride/Scoot
There are plenty of areas where you could consider parking and walking or scooting to school. This is not a complete list but some suggestions where there are pavements with safe routes to school.
  • St Peter's Road
  • Falcon Close (Off Brampton Way and behind the Albion - There is an alley through to Bristol Road
  • Portishead Football Club - Car Park is not normally used during the day
  • Folk Hall Car Park on the High Street and Church Road South
Cycling to School (and in your own time!)
The North Somerset website has a really helpful page where you can find cycle paths and safer routes in Portishead and around the local area. Some routes are better for experienced cyclists but some are for family days out and are on dedicated cycle paths or tracks.
Road Works
If you have trouble getting to school on time due to traffic, please check the "One.Network" website where you can find current road works in the area and beyond!