In school we teach phonics using the DfE validated "Unlocking Letters and Sounds" programme, a locally developed, robust way to teach phonics in EYFS and Key Stage 1.

The Reading Scheme at St Joseph’s

The aim of the reading scheme is to produce competent readers who read for enjoyment and discovery about the world around us.

The Ransom Reading Stars Phonics reading books, which we use at St Joseph's, are designed to support and complement the "Unlocking Letters and Sounds" programme. The books support all phases of the programme, from Phase 1 (books without words) to Phase 5.

All of the books are fully decodable at all stages, including at each stage only those letters, sounds and common exception words (CEW) that the children will have met in school. We complement the end of the Ransom Reading Stars Phonics reading books with books from other, similar schemes to help bridge the gap between the end of our reading scheme and short chapter books. 

Right from the start, children are encouraged to select any book from the school library. Once children longer require the structure of the reading scheme, children may select any book from the school or class library to read, and are encouraged to read silently for sustained periods of time both in school and at home as a vital part of homework.