A typical day

A typical day at school can be very busy indeed. At St Joseph's we pride ourselves in giving the children a wide range of learning opportunities. Whilst each class will have their own timetable, we hope that we can give you a flavour of what a typical day would be like.
8am - The school gates open. Children in years 1-6 can be dropped off from this time as the playground and gates are monitored by members of staff.
8:20am - The classrooms open and the children enter to begin their school day. This always begins with registration and our morning prayer. The timetable for the day is displayed in the classroom for the children to see.
8:30am - We assemble in the hall for worship. This takes different forms but we always have a message which can be linked to one of our school values, an element of Catholic Social Teaching or particular event or time of celebration from a different world faith. We also sing songs together and on Fridays we welcome our parents into our worship as we celebrate our achievements both in and out of school.
9am - Lessons begin. Usually English and maths is taught in the morning. Each year group has their own timetable for the week.
10:30am - Break time. Children can have their fruit snack and get some fresh air playing with their friends in the playground, on the field in good weather, or on one of our trim trails.
10:50am - Lessons begin again as we carry on with our learning.
12pm - Lunchtime. We eat our lunch in the school hall. There is a good range of school dinner options that the children help to choose through our School Council. The younger children get their lunch first and develop independence in carrying their lunch back to their table. We also continue to practice the knife and fork skills which we are being taught at home.
12:55pm - Afternoon registration and class reading time. Everyone in class has some time to read their book. The teachers might also listen to some children read individually or carry out a reading session with a small group.
1:15pm - Afternoon lessons begin. We might be learning how to mix colours in art, how the Romans built their civilisation in Britain or how the human heart works. We also have two PE sessions a week which help keep us active and healthy.
3pm - The end of the school day (on Friday this is 2:45pm). Parents are allowed onto the school site to collect their children. Some children in Year 6 might walk home themselves. After school clubs begin!
4:15pm - Extra-curricular after school clubs finish. Will you join our very popular art club, have a go at performing arts or get some exercise at multi-sports?
Typically this amounts to just over 33 hours at school each week. Lots of time for developing relationships, learning and having fun!