Sport Grants

Competitive Sport at St. Joseph’s.

At St. Joseph’s we firmly believe that children should participate fully in PE lessons, playground games and also physical activities outside of the school setting. It is good for their physical and mental well-being which can only benefit their learning across the curriculum.

We also believe that children should have the opportunity to compete against other children in a selection of sporting activities as it can build self-esteem, awareness of others, team work and goal setting.

All children in the school compete as teams and individuals in competitions such as School Sports Day, School Swimming Gala and the Annual Cross Country competition.

As a result of all children being involved in competition we are able to identify and select those who need to be challenged further and represent the school in local and regional events.

Despite being a small primary school we regularly ‘punch above our weight’ in events against other schools which builds a whole school ethos of achievement.

During the 2018/19 academic year we have achieved notable success in a number of sports.

Roll of Honour

  • North Somerset Netball Champions
  • North Somerset Rugby Champions
  • South West Region Netball Finalists
  • South West Region Rugby Finalists
  • North Somerset Girls Football semi-finalists
  • Gordano Cluster Girls Football Champions
  • Gordano Cluster Rugby Champions
  • Gordano Cluster Cross Country Runners up
  • Gordano Cluster Athletics Runners up
  • A Year 4 girl being offered an academy contract by Bristol City
  • Two Year 4 boys representing North Somerset at football
  • A Year 4 boy representing the South West region at football
  • Five children being selected to be part of North Somerset elite training squads in netball and rugby (more than any other NS school).
  • Many, many children successfully competing for sporting clubs that we are linked with such as Portishead Town FC, Gordano Sharks RFC, Clevedon and Portishead ASCs etc.

The Future

Our sporting success is celebrated with the whole school during our weekly celebration assembly and provides an example to the whole school of what they can achieve and aspire to. We have already seen a greater take up of opportunities in after school sports club, more children becoming members of linked local sports club and a higher level of enthusiasm during PE lessons.

I fully expect us to continue to achieve in the competitive sporting arena and if possible exceed our achievements of the last academic year.

Tony Donovan

September 2019