Key Staff and Contacts

If you need to speak to someone at school here are the key staff who should be able to help you:
Headteacher - Mrs Elaine Jackson
Deputy Headteacher - Mr Greg Bath (also Special Educational Needs and Disabilities SENDCo)
Senior Teacher - Mr Ed Broyd
You can contact them or office administrators via the school office on 01275 848367 or
Our current staff
Miss Johnson                             Reception
Mrs Cheryl lane Hall/ Mr Bath    Year 1
Miss Matravers/ Miss Joy          Year 2
Mr Donovan                                 Year 3
Mrs Hill                                       Year 4
Miss Laken                                   Year 5
Mr Broyd                                     Year 6
Learning Support Assistants
Mrs Febrey
Mrs Faram
Mrs Neapolitano
Mrs Guest
Mrs Ravens
Mrs Geary
SEN support                                          Lunch time supervisors
Mrs Sarta                                               Mrs Tully
Mrs Faram                                               Mrs Neopolitano
Mrs Neapolitano                                      Mrs Pullen
Mrs Ravens                                               Mrs Lengyl
                                                                 Mr Sturdy
Mr Sturdy
Business Manager
Mrs Chichester
Administrative assistance
Mrs Maslen
Purchasing manager/Administrative assistant
Mrs Bolden
Mrs Geary (Manager)
Mrs Febrey
Mrs Ravens
Mrs Lengyl
Mrs Henson