Committee Membership

The Full Governing Body (FGB) meets at least six times a year.  A number of Sub-Committees support the FGB. The main committees are: Curriculum & School Improvement, Resources, Faith & Ethos, Admissions and Safeguarding. Membership of these sub-committees and attendance at meetings (except for Admissions) for 2018/19 is as follows:


Chair - Helen McNab (5/5); Members: Elaine Jackson (4/5), John Hayden (5/5) Didier Delaplace (4/5)


Chair – John Hayden (5/5); Members: Michael Flexman (5/5), Elaine Jackson (4/5), Andy Shiel (3/5), Danielle Bennett (2/5), 

Faith & Ethos 

Chair – Fr. Tom Dubois (1/1); Members:  Samantha Chandler (1/1), Elaine Jackson (1/1), Yvette Lester AM (1//), Didier Delaplace (1/1), Greg Bath (1/1).


Chair – Samantha Chandler; Members:  Rachel Mougeot, Michael Flexman, Danielle Bennett, Elaine Jackson.


Chair – Elaine Jackson (2/2); Members: Greg Bath (2/2), Michael Flexman (2/2), John Hayden (2/2), Yvette Lester AM (0/2)