Recommended 'Good Reads' Book List for Year 5 & 6

Recommended reads for Years 5 and 6

Agard John and Kitamura Satoshi     Goldilocks on CCTV, The Young Inferno

Almond David and Mckean David       The Savage

Bawden Nina                                           Carrie’s war

Blackman Malorie                                  Pig –Heart Boy, Thief, Hacker

Boston Lucy                                           he Children of Green Knowe              

Boyce Frank Cottrell                               The Unforgotten Coat

Brahmachari Sita                                    Artichoke Heart (This deals in some detail with a death in the family, from the point of view of an 12 year old girl. It is extremely well written, and the winner of the Waterstone’s Children’s Book prize, but may not be suitable for all.)

Causley Charles                                       I had a Little cat

Crew Gary and Tan Shaun                     The Viewer

Crossley Holland Kevin                         Arthur, The Seeing Stone,

Doherty, Berlie                                      Treason

Duffy carol Ann and Hyde Catherine The Princess’ Blankets

Farmer Penelope                                   Charlotte Sometimes

Garner, Alan                                           The Stone Book Quartets

Haggarty Ben and Brockbank Adam   Mezolith

Hiaasen Carl                                             Flush

Hughes Ted                                             The Dreamfighter and Other Creation Tales

Jaffrey Madhur                                         Seasons of Splendour; Tales, Myths and Legends of India

Jones Diana Wynne                              Howl’s Moving Castle

Kennen Ally                                             Sparks

Laird Elizabeth                                         The Garbage King, Secret Friends, Pea Boy and Other Stories from Iran

Lewis Gill                                                   Sky Hawk

McCaughrean Geraldine                         Robin Hood and a World of Other Stories, King Arthur and a World of Other Stories, One Thousand and One Arabian Knights

Mason Simon                                           Moon Pie

Mulligan Andy                                           Trash

Naidoo Beverly                                     The Other Side of Truth

Nicholls Sally                                          Ways to Live Forever

Palacio R J                                               Wonder

Pearce Philippa                                     Tom’s Midnight Garden

Pennac Daniel                                       Eye of the Wolf

Pullmmann Philip                                 His Dark Materials Book 1 Northern Lights

Reeve, Philip                                         Goblins, Mortal engines, Predator’s Gold

JK Rowling                                             Harry Potter series

Simon Francesca                                   The Sleeping Army

Tan Shaun                                             The Red Tree

Tolkien J R R                                         The Hobbit, or There and Back Again

Ungerer Tomi                                      The Autobiography of a Teddy Bear

Ward Helen                                           Unwitting Wisdom. An Anthology of Aesop’s Tales