Vision Mission Aims & Values

Mission and Vision - Adopted Autumn 2017

School Vision Statement

Together we love - Together we hope - Together we learn.


St Joseph's Catholic Primary School is an inclusive, vibrant, Catholic community where we enable and encourage everyone to share and nurture a love of learning and the love of Christ.

Together, we hope to inspire ourselves and each other to be the best we can and to embrace our future with confidence.


Together at St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School, following the teachings of Jesus:


We will encourage, nurture and develop our relationship with God, in partnership with our parish and diocesan community.


We will challenge our children, staff and the whole school community to develop a lifelong love of learning, recognising and celebrating our individual skills and talents.


We will help each child to develop a positive self-image and encourage them to value respect and empathise with the feelings of others.


We will celebrate the gifts, talents and achievement of each child. We will encourage them to challenge themselves in a safe, supportive environment. We will promote a healthy life at school and at home.


Through our shared Christian values, our children respect and celebrate our differences and the diversity of faith, colour and life experience. Together we will build strong relationships with home, school, parish and diocese whilst embracing an understanding of the wider world.


At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, following the teachings of Jesus, we value:

Together we love (Pastoral Care)

  • Respect– We respect each other and our differences
  • Kindness– We care for each other and keep each other safe
  • Responsibility– We take responsibility for our actions
  • Support– We encourage, help and support each other
  • Forgiveness– We always say sorry when we make a mistake

Together we hope (Religious Life)

  • Prayer– We pray together and make time to share our prayers
  • Faith– We make time and space for growing in faith and belief
  • Celebration– We praise and thank God through our worship
  • Justice– We are considerate and fair; we say sorry when we make mistakes
  • Welcome– We welcome everyone of all beliefs and cultures into our school

Together we learn (Studies and Personal Formation)

  • Talents– We celebrate our diversity of talents – creative, musical, sporting, academic & social
  • Gifts– We are all unique people made in God’s image
  • Exploration– We support and encourage each other in our learning
  • Environment– We care about our environment and thank God for his creation
  • Attitudes– We are sensible, hard-working, polite, respectful and compassionate

Compiled by a working party in consultation with children, parents, parishioners, staff, Governors, Diocese, as part of the Vision and Mission review 2012. Reviewed and amended July 2017. Adopted by governors October 2017.